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Body Bounce


Get fit the fun way with our special Rebounder (mini trampoline) classes. Exercises for young and old with low impact on body, lots of health benefits and weight loss.
We discovered the rebounding exercises and fall in love with the idea of low impact but high a cardio  and toning workout. And that the exercises on the Rebounder have lots of health benefits. 
 We are trained instructors specializing in body health from inside out.

Free Introductory Class


Our Instructors

Elzet Moller




Carla Giesler





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Helps draining Lymphatic gland and boosts immune

Low impact exercise

Gentle on joints

Strengthen core

Helps co-ordination and balance which is good for kids and concentration -especially ADD/ADHD

Helps increasing bone mass

Recovery after excercise is quicker

Increased blood flow without strain on you body


Most important let your inner child play and have fun!